I listened to you yesterday on the Australian ABC radio podcast ‘Soul Search’ and when the pod casts concluded, God told me to write to you.

Now, I must start out by saying that I do so with great trepidation for a number of sound reasons.

The first one being that I do appreciate and understand the importance of religion in a person’s life and the function that it plays for an individual. This should never be underestimated and one must be very respectful and careful to never do anything that might jeopardise the utilization for one, of that crucial component.

I understand the function that it plays in your life, as you explained to me the listener, when talking about the Covert 19 virus and your contemplation upon your possible demise as a consequence of an encounter with that microorganism.

Secondly, you hold significant formal accreditations delivered by a prestigious institution where as I hold nothing but the experience of a lifetime of seeking to understand.

I suspect that we are of similar vintage but my intuition tells me that you are possibly a few years my senior but not senior enough that our lived experience is not significantly different in quantum.

I took note also of the information that another of your passions in life is mathematic and I found it interesting as there are at least two features, possibly more precisely described as obsessions, that we share in common.

One feature I suspect we do not share in common is that you chose to travel the path of academia. I turned away from academia when I discovered that it is just another political institution, created by the human psyche and politics is not only not a passion of mine but something to be avoided, whenever possible.

For the greatest part of my life, science has been my passion but not the colloquial science that is presented by academic institutions and the popular media, for me science has always been a verb, the distractive adjectives and the nouns are constructs of the institutions, adopted from a different derivation of the term.

In my world, science is only a process undertaken for the purpose of moving closer to the “truth”.

So, science ‘tell us’ nothing, makes no moral protestation, does not have an agenda and is not a chattel of anyone’s. These activities are the exclusive preserves of scientists and the media.

The products that flow from the practice of science, while maybe useful, in varying degrees, - are not science.

The process of my  science, requires of me, to as much I can possibly manage, assuage myself of the natural bias I (we all) bring to any endeavour and to be brave enough to face the reality of the ‘truth’ I seek, no matter how abhorrent  or destructive to my ego it may be and to use the fruits of science to grow my wisdom.

I become confused listening to you because I was expecting a position of a wide dichotomy between God and Christianity. You know, the sort of dichotomy that exists between E=MC2 and a nuclear weapon.

I was fascinated that having put so much effort and energy into your journey that you had never arrived at a place where these entities could quite easily be, mutually exclusive.

A God can quite easily exist without the need/desire/plan for a personal relationship with one particular segment, in a 4-billion-year old strand of evolving molecular complexity, progressing on an infinitesimally small lump of matter, in an indescribably large universe.

My observation of the behaviour of humans, that possess exceptional intelligence, is a drive towards producing systems and products that are, ever more and move, moving towards self-actualisation and for which there does not necessarily have to be a need to incorporate an eternal plan, because of their  creations.

The most profound computer programs are those that can deliver an unpredictable outcome. The end goal of artificial intelligence will be autonomy for such entities and for any of these undertakings it is not mandatory that there be a personal contract/covenant between the creator and the createes.

Not that it cannot be so, but just that such a possibility exists, denies absolutely certainty in either regards.

Stephen Hawking’s tells me as a physicist, that there are infinite possibilities for the format of a universe. Not that it necessarily means that because he holds that view that such exists, but until such times as I can know, on the balance of probabilities, that this is not so! - Then that possibility must exist.

Jesus Christ, founder of Christianity, on the other hand is a much easier/less complex entity to contemplate upon. There is not an absence of sufficient evidence in relation to the behaviour of humans, in this particular arena.

In fact, as we move faster and further along the voyage of behaviour discovery the growing amount of information is moving us ever closer to the truth that underpinning the behaviour of humans.

The existence of such a human/s as Jesus Christ sites squarely in the margins of ordinarily normality and wholly predictable.

One of the most interesting discoveries for me in my life was the importance of the salt and sugar in the biological functioning of complex multi-celled organisms and how the need for such molecular structures was accommodated molecularly by being  engineered into the behavioural program of these entities.

I believe, on the basis of evidence we now have, it is rational to conclude that if an element is essential to the optimisation of a performance of an entity, then its delivery by the entity’s system can be foretold with a high degree of certainty.

An example of this principal would be “Build it, and they will come.”

I do not know your background and I do not know the circumstances that underpined the adoption of your belief structure, which you so tenaciously hold dear, nor is it unusual that it is so robust in its existence and is of itself, eminently normal for humans.

I for my part though, find such things enormously interesting and I did listen to part of the debate between yourself and Richard Dawkins and I couldn’t help but marvel at the similarities that existed in how both of you tenaciously hold the ground that you have carved out for yourselves.

The exact same behaviour we see in humans during physical conflict where both sides struggle to take and hold the high ground and not just because they can, but because their faith tells them that they have an ordained right of possession.

Finally, I will leave with you for your consideration my opening statement “God told me to write to you.”

For in there you will see my answer to the qustions you posed and the difficulties you face and maybe in the fullness of time should we both endure, you might feel the need to let me know your conclusion

My Regards

Warren Bolton.